Pumpkin Cupcakes with Spiced Buttercream + Vanilla Cupcakes (Sugar Rush for Relief)

spiced pumpkin cupcakes

For Sugar Rush for Relief, I baked two different types of cupcakes—vanilla and pumpkin. I made regular vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream and pumpkin cake with cinnamon-, clove- and nutmeg-spiced frosting. (If you are looking for a recipe, the pumpkin were similar to these without the cranberries and with the additional spices in the frosting.)

spiced pumpkin cupcakes

I’d love comments from any who bought them at the bake sale, as it’s the first time I’ve baked and packaged a big batch. I hope they were a pleasing addition to your Thanksgiving dessert table. Thank you for supporting New York Cares!

vanilla cupcakes by amelie

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