Carrot and Crystallized Ginger Cupcakes

I made these Easter weekend, as you might guess from the decoration. Carrots, to me, also fit the spring theme. Bunny food, right?

I usually put golden raisins in my carrot cake, and no nuts. (I like nuts, but I don’t love nuts in my cupcakes.) Fresh out of raisins, I remembered I had some crystallized ginger stored away. Sounded like a good combo to me, so I chopped up the ginger and threw it in. The sugar cooked off and into the cupcakes, leaving slightly crispy chunks of pure candied ginger in with the shredded carrots.

carrot cake easter

I made a big batch of cream cheese icing, coloring some green to pipe as grass, the rest pink or yellow. I got lots of piping practice with the “grass,” for which I used a multi-opening decorating tip. I could have used icing with a slightly thicker consistency. Some of my grass looked a little like green spaghetti. The general idea came across, though! They were topped with M&M’s Speckled Easter Eggs Candy to finish the look.

All I can say is that they went fast! At the party where I served them, I ate two myself (usually I try to stick to one), and I don’t even love carrot cake. For me, the ginger made it.

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