Vanilla Cupcakes with Chocolate Frosting

classic cupcake

classic cupcake

Sometimes you just want a classic. With a cherry on top…

When a cupcake-loving houseguest came to stay, I kept it simple. I baked my favorite vanilla cupcake and whipped up my regular buttercream frosting (see comments below for recipe) with a square of melted Baker’s Semi-sweet Chocolate. I topped them with a sour cherry.

These didn’t last long.

vanilla chocolate cupcakes

2 thoughts on “Vanilla Cupcakes with Chocolate Frosting

  1. Hi!
    My brother-in-law loves Whoppers-malt ball candy. I noticed you made a cupcake with sweet butter cream frosting. I would like the recipe for the frosting as I’m going to try my hand at the cupcake with a bit of tweeking. Also as a beginner what did you use to apply the frosting to make it look so great?

    1. I honestly kind of wing it for icing these days and go for taste and consistency to decide when it’s done. Start with the below and adjust as needed:

      Buttercream Frosting Recipe

      1 pound powdered sugar
      1 stick butter
      1 teaspoon extract (vanilla or your choice)
      3 tablespoons milk or other liquid

      For the chocolate icing here, I used melted baker’s chocolate instead of milk, basically.

      To frost, use a pastry/piping bag–or a plastic sandwich baggie in a pinch! For the cupcakes above (chocolate icing), I used an Ateco #199 tip. To create that swirl, I started on the inside, piped in larger circles around to the outside, then smaller on top back into the middle to finish. For the Whoppers cupcakes (vanilla buttercream), I used a Wilton #1M. I piped 3-4 dollops close together on each cupcake. To get a nice peak using either tip, stop piping just as you pull up.

      Hope that’s useful! Good luck, and let me know how your cupcakes turn out!

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