Chocolate Mini Cupcakes

Amelie hold tray of Chocolate Cupcakes.

I participate in the Rising Tide Society‘s Tuesdays Together NYC group for creative entrepreneurs, and I have been known to bake treats for meetings. These wee chocolate cupcakes seemed necessary for a hot chocolate and goal setting meet-up!

Chocolate Mini Cupcakes
Can’t beat a classic like chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting. (Alhy Berry Photography)

I used my go-to chocolate cupcake recipe for these. It’s a sure thing! For the frosting, I started with a basic vanilla buttercream, adding a bit of cocoa powder and bittersweet chocolate syrup. Not quite a recipe, I really just added ingredients until it looked–and tasted–right to me.

Amelie hold tray of Chocolate Cupcakes.
Serving Chocolate Minis at Tuesdays Together (Alhy Berry Photography)

These cupcakes had an adventure getting to the meeting. There had been an incident on the subway, which was more crowded than I’ve ever seen it. A cupcake carrier takes up an unwelcome amount of space when you are packed in like sardines. This is how I discovered a unique solution.

Cupcakes in Transit
Bet you didn’t know that the L Train has overhead bins.

Thank you, Alhy Berry, for the cupcake photos. Alhy is a wedding, engagement and portrait photographer based in New York. “I don’t want to simply ‘freeze’ the moment in a documentary way,” she says. “I want to convey a sliver of history, a little piece of immortality.” See Alhy’s portfolio and learn more at

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