Peanut Butter Chocolate Cupcakes + Pumpkin Cupcakes

For my office holiday party, I baked peanut butter cupcakes by request. They tasted peanut-y, but I thought they were a little dry. (Others disagreed on the dryness, I suppose I’m a harsh judge.)

Peanut Butter with Chocolate cupcakes

The chocolate frosting, which included a little instant coffee to punch up the flavor, was a definite hit. The recipe may appear on the blog at a later date, I need to try it more than once, first! I used the extra frosting on some vanilla minis I baked for those who don’t like peanut butter.

Unfrosted Cupcakes

I made a last-minute decision to bake pumpkin cupcakes, too. They turned out to be the most popular at the party! I do like the pumpkin, myself, though I only tasted a peanut butter and a vanilla this round.

pumpkin & vanilla cupcakes

Happy holidays, everyone!

Nutcracker with Cupcakes

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