Apple Bread for Breakfast

Breakfast break for this cupcake girl!


I had apples galore from my fruit share at the CSA. This season is all apples all the time. I love them, but I can’t eat them all before they go bad! To use some of them up, I made apple bread.

Apple_Bread_MixingOne reason that I bake cupcakes is that they are, in my opinion, easier to bake than regular cakes or bread. They are more forgiving, at least. I’m used to baking teeny amounts for short periods of time. An hour’s recommended baking time threw me, but I stuck to it.

It looked great…


…until I noticed the sides looked a little dark. When I depanned it, the bottom stuck. I got it out and pieced things back together, but the sides and bottom were certainly near-burnt. Darn! Next time, I will try lining the pan with parchment paper and maybe putting the loaf pan in another water-filled pan.

I’ve seen suggestions to try cooking at a lower temperature for a longer time, though more than an hour seems extreme. The inside was perfect, so I don’t think it was the cooking time. Thoughts?

I suppose I could experiment further, but this isn’t “Breakfast Breads by Amélie!” The apple bread was tasty enough for me and my husband to enjoy for several breakfasts.

What else to do with apples? I made some tasty pear-apple sauce (great with plain yogurt). I also suggest prepping and freezing apple pie filling. Read my post about that at farm2me, Apples, Apples Everywhere.

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