Coffee Cupcakes

I love coffee and coffee-flavored desserts. I am very likely to choose coffee ice cream, for example, if it is on offer. I made coffee icing that went over well once in my pre-blog days—as I remember, it topped chocolate cupcakes—but I’d never made cupcakes with coffee in the cake itself.

coffee cupcakes
I used coffee to flavor these cupcakes I brought to a double birthday dinner.

Since I had Stumptown‘s Costa Rica Montes de Oro coffee on hand, that is what went into these cupcakes. Luckily, it is a perfect match for baking. Stumptown describes this coffee as having flavors of spiced apple cider, mandarin orange and molasses. Mmmm…

icing coffee cupcakes
I used both brewed coffee and freshly ground beans in the cake and brewed coffee in the icing.

Birthday guest Brett had this to say of dessert:

Aromatic notes of fun and sweetness that melt on the tongue as well as the psyche… The coffee beans offset the sugar in the frosting with just the right amount of savory bitterness and creamy deliciousness.

coffee cupcake
A whole bean was my finishing touch.

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