Candy Cupcakes – Caramels & Toffee

Toffee cupcake

I don’t want you to think I’m getting lazy, but I’ve been a busy bee these days. So, when I realized I needed to make interesting and yummy cupcakes that my husband would love with only what I had on hand, I dug into my candy box.

To the rescue, Trader Joe’s English Toffee and Werther’s Original Chewy Caramels.

I made regular vanilla cupcakes, dropping a caramel in each cup of batter.

Caramels dropped in cupcake batter
These plain-jane vanilla cupcakes had a caramel surprise in the center.

Once I frosted, I added chunks—and I do mean chunks—of the toffee.

Toffee cupcakes (champagne candle)
Yes, that’s an adorable mini champagne candle.

Voilà, we had tasty cupcakes fit for a celebration!

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